Welcome to Hayakawa Sweets Shop

This is Hayakawa Seika, or Hayakawa Sweets, located in Manriki, Yamanashi Prefecture. My shop has a history of over 80 years, and I’m the 3rd generation. Our main sweets are Kusamochi made from natural mugworts.

Kusa Mochi

Kusamochi is the traditional Japanese sweets in my shop. We have also, seasonable sweets with seasonable fruits and foods.
All Kusamochi are made in the morning with fresh ingredients. We add the fresh mugworts into the steamed dough. The fresh mugworts create a green color and a nice smell.

We have both hand-made sweets and machine-made sweets. The merit of hand-made is that I can create a unique shape and I can feel the condition of ingredients and weather. So, I can take good care of each sweet. The merit of machine-made sweet is that because the machine has no unnecessary heat, it can produce long-lasting sweets with no extra food additive. The machine also produces a large amount of quantity. And it also tastes good.

The undried cake, like Kusamochi, is very weak with saprophyte. So, my shop has a very strong cleaning process to keep a germless kitchen. Therefore, our sweets last a very long time with fewer food additives. To produce a clean and neat sweet, we have powerful health maintenance every day.

Muscat Grapes Cake

Japanese sweets match with green tea, of course. It’s also great with coffee and English tea. Japanese sweets are very weak with acidity. So, no lemon tea. I recommend a straight tea. We have Yuzu Manju, and Strawberry Buns in the Winter. Sakura Mochi and Hanami Dango in Spring.

The founder of this shop who is my uncle was chosen as the Great Craftsmen in the present world. He offered our Kusamochi to our Emperor in 1996 when he visited Yamanashi.
Also, we won many awards in the All Japan Sweets Competition that held every 4 years.
When you are in Yamanashi, please visit our shop.

Experiencing Japanese Sweets Making

Experience making Japanese sweets at Hayakawa Sweets shop. We offer you the trial of making Japanese sweets.
It will be a great memory for your Japanese travel. Learn and touch the Japanese culture here. Japanese sweets are something that you can feel the Japanese culture with your sense of the taste. The techniques of Hayakawa’s taste carried with the generation and now you can also take that taste to your home.
The ingredients will be picked up by the seasonable fruits or vegetables.
Experience how to make it and taste the Japanese flavors of food culture.
For more information, please contact us and make a reservation.


Kusamochi is one of the traditional popular Japanese sweets. It is made from fresh Mochi with Yomogi, mugwort, harvested every morning.
This traditional taste has never changed since the founder.

Producing the new Stweets

Instant Freeze Dry and Vacuum Packaging of Kusamochi and other Yamanashi dry fruits.

Sweets match with the wine of Cantina Hiro

Now, we are selling a new products ,”A Biscuit with raisins of Cantina Hiro.”

Making Japanese Sweets